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Places to Eat in Wine Country



Places to Eat in Wine Country


Dundee bistro jory Subterra, Newberg


Every town in Wine Country has its own culinary experience, so come with an empty stomach and be primed to eat your way from one side of the county to the other. The restaurants on this page are the best reviewed, and many of them I've sampled myself and found to be excellent. They range from casual to gourmet with the emphasis on the best cuisine Wine Country has to offer. I included a web link to each restaurant's current menu (for those restaurants that include an online menu). It is not an exhaustive list of great eateries to be found here. I encourage you to try the local flavors and report back!


Subterra, 1505 Portland Road, Newberg. Web: 
Painted Lady, 201 N College Street, Newberg. Web:
Recipe, 115 N Washington, Newberg.  Web:
Jory, 2525 Allison Lane, Newberg. Web:


Red Hills Provincial Dining, 276 N Hwy 99W, Dundee. Web:
Chan's of Dundee, 180 NW 1st, Dundee. 503.538-6898.
Tasty Teriyaki, 110 N Hightway 99W, Dundee. 503.538.0704.
Dundee Bistro, 100 SW 7th Street, Dundee. Web:
Tina's, 760 Hwy 99W, Dundee. Web:
Farm to Fork, 1410 N Hwy 99W Suite 102, Dundee. 503.538.7970.

Red Hills Market, 115 SW 7th Street, Dundee. Web:


Joel Palmer House, 600 Ferry Street, Dayton. Web:


La Rambla, 238 NE 3rd Street, McMinnville. Web:
Bistro Maison, 729 NE Third Street, McMinnville. Web:
Hotel Oregon, 310 NE Evans Street, McMinnville. Web:
Nick's Italian Cafe, 521 NE Third Street, McMinnville. Web: