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Lisa Baker

Lisa Baker


Dundee, Oregon - Living in Wine Country

Once upon a time, Dundee was known as that little town with the big traffic problem!

On Thursday and Friday afternoons, the chain of red brake lights would stream all the way from Newberg city limits through Dundee, and drivers could get no where fast. On weekends, families returning from the beach would sit in clogged conditions long enough to wonder why they went to the beach in the first place.

Yes, children, it was very bad...

But in early 2018, Everything Changed.

The long-promised Dundee bypass opened after long years of planning, and suddenly, cars flowed like sparking clean water through a wide stream!

Currently, the bypass runs from Newberg's eastern entrance to Dundee's west boundary. Subsequent phases of the bypass will connect Newberg traffic directly with Highway 18. It is already cutting commutes to Portland and to McMinnville, and making Dundee safe again for wine lovers and shoppers everywhere!

And speaking of wine; Dundee is best known for its vineyards and famous for its pinot noir. The Red Hills produce a complex and spirited pinot now known internationally.

While a popular destination for wine enthusiasts, who tour from winery to winery in stretch limousines, Dundee (population 3096) has retained its rural feel and quiet life. In winter, the fire department delights Dundee kids with its engines on parade, tossing treats as it runs through the neighborhoods. In summer, Dundee parties together in the park and flips pancakes for charity. Dundee is nevertheless a quick jump from city life -- 30 miles from Portland, and minutes away from Newberg and McMinnville, which provide shopping, theaters and entertainment.

Dundee Hills offers more than just wine, but also some of the most staggering views in Oregon...
And some of its best cuisine!

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